Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy First Birthday in Heaven Love Bug!

Today is your first birthday. It makes us all so sad that you are not here to share it with us! What a party it would have been! Instead, we will have a different kind of party to raise money to help sick babies and children.

I can't believe that this day is really here! I can't believe that one year ago today we were blessed with such a tiny angel who fought so hard! A perfect child in our eyes, a little baby girl that stole our hearts!

I wish that you were still here! I wish that I could hold you again. I often wonder what you would look like right now. I think you would look a lotlike your big sister! You looked so much like her as a newborn that it only makes sense. Sometimes when I look at her, I get a glimpse of you.

We miss you so much baby! I hope you can feel our love in Heaven! Happy Birthday Kali!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kiss from your sister

We stopped by the cemetery today to check on things and to say hi. Marissa gave you a kiss before we left. It both warmed my heart and shattered it at the same time. You big sister loves you so much and talks about you everyday. Whenever we see flowers she asks if they are for you. It just rips my heart apart that you two never met in this life. She never got to kiss your cheek or talk to you.
For a girl she never met, she sure is in love with you!!!
I miss you so much Kali!